Chestnut Communications Beats the Competition!

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Usable with your computer off Yes No Yes 1 Yes No Yes
Video chat capability Yes 2 No No No Yes No
Emergency 911 calling Yes Yes Yes 1 Yes No Yes
Keep current phone number Yes 3 No Yes Yes No Yes
3-way conference calling Yes 4 Yes 5 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Voicemail Yes No 6 Yes Yes Yes 7 Yes
Call forwarding Yes No Yes Yes Yes 7 Yes
Full feature list included Yes No No 8 Yes No No 8
Call North America flat rate 9 Yes
Yes Yes 10
Yes 10
Yes 11 Yes
Call the World flat rate 9 Yes 12
No No No Yes 11,13 No

1. High speed Internet is required.
2. With video equipped IP telephone.
3. In major Canadian and US locations.
4. Conference calls up to 20 callers with Enterprise PBX.
5. Both calls must be inbound callers to you.
6. The system will record a .WAV file if your computer is on. Messages can only be accessed via your computer.
7. Additional charges may apply.
8. Equivalent service available for an additional monthly fee.
9. All prices listed are for residential plans.
10. Only 500 minutes included.
11. Only to Skype users. Additional charges for calling landlines.
12. To 65 countries.
13. To 42 countries.